Raphael was born and educated in Melbourne, Australia. He has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne. Subsequently he undertook studies in counselling and addictions.

He is the Director of The Gateway Family Counselling Centre Inc. which offers services in family counselling, addictions and education. He is the Director of Cult Consulting Australia (, the only organization in Australia which deals with the cult phenomenon. His book titled “Cults: Too Good to be True” (Harper Collins 1999) is a definitive work on the concepts of mind control and psychological manipulation.

Raphael has counselled hundreds of families in connection with family, marriage, drug and cult-related matters. He appears regularly in the media and acts as an advisor to the government on these issues. He has auspiced a government study to assess the benefits of a family based approach to addictions. Raphael serves as an expert witness to the judicial system in Australia and overseas.

Raphael has worked closely with a range of schools and educational facilities in Australia and overseas in the area of informal education. He runs training programs for teachers and school communities on addictions, adolescent and parenting issues.

Raphael is much sought after in his role as a media spokesperson and a public speaker. He regularly addresses student and parent audiences and has run programs in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Canada and Israel. He is a dynamic speaker and an outstanding communicator. His experience in a diverse range of socially relevant fields is unique.

Raphael is an active member of the Australian Chabad community.